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Our motivating and instructional SUCCEED FOREVER coaching program will work with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve substantial issues and create lasting,  effective advantages.


Utilizing years of industry experience, Donovan, looks beyond standard solutions to  develop new insights, improve employee relations, increase levels of productivity and develop the leaders  within your company/team to drive tangible results in creating a more proficient, successful organization.

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survey_iconResults bring an overall focus creating a “synergy” that eliminates time wasters.  Companies today are confronting new challenges regarding the intentional and economic impact of  leadership. The leadership patterns that made them effective in the past may not be sufficient enough for  new challenges and evolving opportunities.

Succeed Forever Consulting programs offer solutions for:

  • Increased productivity through creating a more positive working environment Resulting in happier client relationships, increased word of mouth and higher sales volume.
  • Developing the company vision and strategy to everyone on the team.
  • Develop your leadership mindsets, abilities, and practices that will increase accountability and competitive advantage and encourage the growth of new leaders.
  • ½ Day Seminar

    For an introduction to Identity Leadership with Donovan Dock, including exercises and lessons to gain the tools to develop leadership skills.

  • Full Day Seminar

    Go further in-depth finding out who you are and who you want to be, what the tools are for success as a leader and in life, and come away with a plan.

  • Two Day Seminar

    Gain all of the skills for Identity Leadership Development in a comprehensive series of activities, exercises and lessons.

The Spotted Zebra Success Workshop


From students who strive for greater academic achievement to those simply in need of reasons to stay in school, this manual for success gives young people–in language they can understand–a road map, teaching them how to choose goals and showing them how to develop the strategies to reach them.

money_bagThe age of the billionaire is dying as more and more millionaires and thousandaires are being made every day. The wait for one job with 40 other candidates is grueling. Gone are the days of everybody working for a factory or company with benefits, vacation time, and year-end bonuses. What the cotton gin and the spinning jenny did for industry was amazing, while everyone left their own labors to work for the machination of the world. The good news is the industrial revolution is over and the information age has begun.

imagesAs our age changes so will the way our generation does business. Just like the industrial revolution the one who adapts the best will lead the way economically, politically, and in social organization. As we focus on our young people, we want to instill the principles of success in them that capture the essence of what this country was founded on; the spirit that this is still the land of opportunity, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

That is why Succeed Forever is partnering with learning institutions all across this great land to help the next generation understand the principles of success. As we help nurture the entrepreneurs and the pioneers with their creative attitudes and bold energy, we believe we will see another explosion of growth and opportunity more significant than we have ever known.

Help us to give our youth, at no cost, the knowledge of how they can achieve their dreams and maximize their vision. Help us as we dream together of a better world where we are no longer just looking for jobs, but creating them. We may be leaving them with a big responsibility but let’s also leave them with hope and the tools to get this job done.

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Plans vary based on specific needs and budget considerations. For additional information about our Succeed Forever coaching plans and services or to speak with one of our consultants, call 1-877-737-8189